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VLC 3.X / Ubuntu 14.04 / saa7134 saga …

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS again messed up my tvtuner / VLC setup. After few recent updates, nothing worked anymore and the logs were useless. After rebuilding various VLC versions, activating debug logging (and assertions) and pouring through the logs, I was… Continue Reading →

Finding the alsa recording device of the TV Tuner

From time to time, Ubuntu reorders the sound cards on my system, and I always have to find the recording device where the TV Tuner outputs the sound. This is to later use it in VLC on a line like:… Continue Reading →

pcDuino3 – difference between booting from NAND vs. sdcard

pcDuino3 boots Ubuntu from the internal NAND. This is very slow, since a harmless

took about 53 seconds to finish.

However, having it booting from the sdcard brings the autoremove operation down to about 3 seconds. Yey!

Continue Reading →

compiling buildroot on Ubuntu with VirtualBox

Machine configuration: Q9000 CPU (quad-core, 2Ghz each core), 6Gb RAM Virtual Box configuration: 4CPUs assigned, 2Gb RAM, VT-x and Nested Paging enabled. $ time make …few moments later… real 886m32.317s user 802m0.227s sys 1790m41.039s

Skype and webcam not working, Ubuntu 12.04

To adjust an old saying back into present “Those who have money and no time, they use Windows or Mac. Those that have time and no money, they use Linux”. I had troubles getting the web cam to work for… Continue Reading →

tvtime – how to skip over “No Signal” channels

The tvtime-scanner generates a list of channels of whatever it finds, but it is annoying to have “No Signal” blue empty channels in between those that are actually broadcast. To have tvtime skip these channels, use this command once tvtime… Continue Reading →

xsendkeycode on Ubuntu 12.04

After upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, I’ve discovered that the volume buttons on my Tv Tuner remote failed to work (they were controlling the master volume). Digging a bit more, it seemed that xsendkeycode program wasn’t present anymore on the system,… Continue Reading →

Removing apparmor from Ubuntu 12.04

As root:

Gone forever 🙂

openfire 3.7.1 resetting root password

I’ve installed and configured openfire but the next time I wanted to log into the administration page surprise surprise – it did not recognize my root password. The solution is quite simple (in case you are using the embedded database… Continue Reading →

Removing UbuntuOne from Ubuntu 12.04

How come these days everybody wants your data in their cloud ? To remove it you need to first remove the client, by following the instructions here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 1. Quit the Ubuntu One client 2. $ sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone… Continue Reading →

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