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fortune-mod cross-compiling for Android / ARM aarch64

This is mostly a log of the attempts to get fortune-mod to run on my Samsung S7 running LineageOS 14.1. After few hurdles, everything got built. Recode problems Trying to get recode to build (required by fortune-mod) I ended up… Continue Reading →

droidsshd / dropbear 0.52 on Cyanogenmod 13.0

Introduction Since upgrading my LG G2 phone to LG G4 and running Cyanogenmod 13 on it, I found that DroidSSHd application was not usable anymore. This blog post is more or less a recollection of the steps to get it… Continue Reading →

openssh-5.8p2 patch for Android (getpwuid replacement / placeholder)

I wanted to use rsync / ssh combination to do a backup of a phone that I don’t want to root. There were few problems: a) the rsync4android failed with an error that said: ‘ssh: exiting: string is too long’:… Continue Reading →

GScript / LLama and “Unmarshalling unknown type code 7077998 at offset 12”

I am using a combination of LLama and GScript so I can trigger a rsync backup whenever my phone connects to the home Wi-Fi. However, after a recent restore, GScript started crashing (whenever invoked from LLama) and the error message… Continue Reading →

GScript Android patch

I am using gscript from here: https://code.google.com/p/gscript-android/source/checkout to run backup scripts and few issues bothered me: a) the output was cut to a very small length, thus, it didn’t fill the whole screen while executing. b) I wanted to have… Continue Reading →

Removing gapps from Cyanogenmod 11

I have installed gapps to have access to Google Maps, but when I decided I don’t need them anymore, surprise – there’s no easy way to uninstall. Most online forums recommend a clean reinstall of cyanogenmod (which might be correct),… Continue Reading →

xtreemfs client cross-compiled for Android phones

It took a while, but I have finally managed to cross-compile XTreemFS client for Android! First, there are two posts that I’ve tried posting on the XtreemFS group, but I think they were marked as spam and deleted automatically by… Continue Reading →

USB OTG DIY Samsung S3

I’ve decided to share the way I created my own DIY USB OTG cable. Although there are many tutorials online about how to create one yourself, the trouble is that you have to cut through hard plastic, hope you don’t… Continue Reading →

Annoying things about Samsung Galaxy S3

I won’t mention the good things, they are those that made me jump ship from Sony to Samsung. But the bad things: a) face recognition for ‘stay awake’ doesn’t perform. Not working in positions I keep the phone when reading… Continue Reading →

Overclocking an Android phone running with an MSM core

Introduction This article describes the over-clocking process of an Android phone (specifically the Sony Arc running an MSM chip at the 1Ghz default speed). It can be done without the need of recompiling the kernel, meaning that you don’t have… Continue Reading →

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