Annoying things about Samsung Galaxy S3

I won’t mention the good things, they are those that made me jump ship from Sony to Samsung.

But the bad things:
a) face recognition for ‘stay awake’ doesn’t perform. Not working in positions I keep the phone when reading news (and I do have light on and so on).
b) a random but noticeable lag when waking the phone from stand by … sometimes is moderate (0.5s for example) – but next wake up is 1-2 seconds. It is very obvious if you just use the power button to turn on / off the phone very quickly.
c) weather screen saver is useless .. it is annoying to look outside and see pouring rain but phone is still showing perfect sunny. I mean yea, I understand the lags, etc… but why offering something useless ?
Eventually the widget managed to update – but live screen saver still shows sunny.
d) Annoying watery sounds. I have aquariums and water dripping does not normally have echoing sound.

There’s still a long way to go to Perfection …

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