WD Blue SSD 2T performance on Lenovo T460

After about 7 years, and 29105 Power_On_Hours, I decided to upgrade my ageing Samsung 840 Pro 127Gb hard disk.

One of the reasons to switch brands to WD was that another Samsung hard disk that I have, the Samsung 860 Pro SSD, has issues with the AMD chipsets (even if I did upgrade the disk to the latest version 1.03 of the firmware). I said why not giving a chance to another brand also.

After 35minutes with Clonezilla and the WD Blue installed in a USB3 enclosure for cloning, the new disk was installed.

A quick benchmark on my Lenovo T460 laptop:

WD BLUE 2Tb CrystalDiskMark report

Comparing it with the old hard disk:

Samsung 840 SSD CrystalDiskMark report.

I hope the hard disk will last as long as the Samsung 🙂

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