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Various thoughts that I hope a BIG manager in Nokia or Samsung or Google or others will read.

Sony AS100V Camera Review – Some issues that annoy me.

I’ve decided to go for Sony instead of GoPro Hero 3 to record my daily comute on the bicycle. A friend lent me his GP3 along with a very strong clamp for the handlebars – results: the GoPro video was… Continue Reading →

The future of Nokia N8

What to do with an N8, now that the Symbian platform won’t be supported by Nokia? Simple, frame it! It’s a simple job, although I’m not recommending to buy the N8 just for this purpose… If you have already chosen… Continue Reading →

There might be a chance for Nokia in the agreement with Microsoft.

I read all the news today (12 Feb 2011) related to the newly signed deal between Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia could have done it by themselves. They did not need Microsoft. But nobody showed them how nor they asked for… Continue Reading →

QT on Symbian / I spend more time on Google than in QT Creator

Problems I encountered in 1 day of programming in QT for Nokia’s state of the art, N8 mobile phone: a) You can’t disable the frame / border around the QTableWidget, even after setting the frame style to Qt::NoFrame. b) You… Continue Reading →

Symbian CTimer or “Porsche vs Ferrari” ?

I am appalled by Symbian’s implementation of a _basic_ concept, a TIMER. Unless you read 30 pages of densely written book pages to find out how to properly use them, you are lost. (Developing Software for Symbian OS: An Introduction… Continue Reading →

Is Nokia Situations from BetaLabs really innovative ?

In 2006-2007 there were already some products on the market which were able to automatically change the profile of the phone based on the GSM cell / calendar entries … For example: Best Profiles or Magic Comm Manager (for Nokia… Continue Reading →

N8 does not work for me on Windows XP

If I try to connect the Nokia N8 to a Windows XP PC, I do get is a E: drive letter; but both the phone memory as well as the SD Card memory contents appear mingled (for example two Images… Continue Reading →

Android on non-android phones…

There are attempts to get Android to run on non-Android phones. There are also attempts to run Ubuntu on mobile phones. Useless. They only boot. No Calling / Texting, not to mention sluggishness. I hope nobody tries to actually get… Continue Reading →

I turn my head for a second, another Android tablet is announced!

I can’t imagine myself using Android as a media player; I find it insulting that I have to grope the phone searching for the unlock button, then unlocking the screen using swipe, then waiting 1 second for everything to load,… Continue Reading →

Google’s G2 – Interface is not so intuitive

Let’s assume that you brought a Google G2 phone. Let’s also assume this common action: from the Menu, you launch an application. Which of these three buttons will take you to the main menu ? ‘Menu’ button ‘Back’ button ‘Home’… Continue Reading →

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