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Symbian CTimer or “Porsche vs Ferrari” ?

I am appalled by Symbian’s implementation of a _basic_ concept, a TIMER.
Unless you read 30 pages of densely written book pages to find out how to properly use them, you are lost.
(Developing Software for Symbian OS: An Introduction to Creating Smartphone Applications in C++ (Symbian Press), Chapter 8, pages 235 to 267).

And don’t try to mention it threads that synchronize themselves to an experienced symbian programmer…
Remember that all programmers know/understand ‘interrupt vector’ concept (a list of pointers to callback routines). Magic. No more books, anguish, lost time, etc…

Implement timer NORMALLY and everybody knows how to do it..

If I would be a Big manager a Nokia, I would request a big analysis focusing on:
a) not use Symbian anymore.
b) Strike a deal with Oracle and use pure Java. And done properly. And fast. And laugh at Google with its Java like language.
c) keep a line of phones for geek users (such as N900 and followers). Allow them to use anything. Symbian firmware ? Java firmware ? QT over Symbian firmware ? Python over Symbian ? Ext-JS vs QT vs Symbian Browser ? Maybe they want Android on the devices ? Stripped down Ubuntu ?? Windows 95 on DosEmu ??? THEY ALL WORK!!!!
d) allow users to take some responsibility of what they allow on their phone.
e) ban certificates, third party testing houses, streamline OVI approvals.

Maybe phone manufacturers did not realize it yet, but in the future, the phone market will be what today the cars market is. Average / normal / cost conscious people will buy the average phone as they buy the average car.
To be there in the ‘ring’ you have to compete professionally in tough circuits. On icy conditions. 10 days video playback with max screen brightness conditions. You name it.
An 800 euros Nokia has to beat an 800 euros IPhone and an 800 euros Android, and outshine those with a good margin, in MANY categories.
Then the winner has to be shown to the public.
Public needs to know Nokia is the best, and if they buy the model N900 they will actually ‘virtually’ own the famous N900TDI which beats everybody in all the tournaments.

As a Big manager at Nokia, this would be the vision I would try to share with the team …

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