Rants about Mobile Techs

I turn my head for a second, another Android tablet is announced!

I can’t imagine myself using Android as a media player; I find it insulting that I have to grope the phone searching for the unlock button, then unlocking the screen using swipe, then waiting 1 second for everything to load, then looking at the phone to find the Next button (usually small) on the screen and, then pressing it, then realizing that it did not react, then pressing it again. AAAAh. People are paying X00 euros for this ??

When I first got my Symbian many years ago (I’m not quite a Symbian fan anymore), it was unbelievable to be able to have ‘timed profiles’, or … profiles that were based on your GPS cell, or profiles turning your phone silent if there was a ‘meeting’ word in your calendar at that time. It was very easy to add a new internet connection and browse using the phone as a modem.

Now, you are forced to root your phone to be able to tether it ?

No guys and gals, it’s not fun any more at all, its annoying.

There are tablets from 2.8, 3.2, 4, 4.3, 5, 7, 9, 11 inches, and even Steve Jobs said something along the lines that size does matter .. Depending on the tastes and the size of the furniture object the tablet will collect dust on, you can buy anything.
Laptops, netbooks, notebooks, and hey, notebooks with screens instead of keyboard! Why not having a notebook that folds normally, but, each side too can fold again. Imagine you take your notebook with the case now consisting only of LCDs and then you unfold it like a windscreen shade and watch HD movies on it. WOW factor to the maxx!! You just need 1Kg charger and that’s it!

Why aren’t companies researching batteries ? Don’t know. You play 600 euros for a phone just to lasts you 2 days. Uhhh no sense of value anymore.

Ok, so tablets are flooding the market. I did not see anybody buying them though. I admit I saw one guy with an IPad on a flight to Brussels; 1 guy with an IPad at the office; and heard about 1 colleague getting the IPad as a present. And that’s it. It’s a different story at the Apple stands, everybody wants to interact, however, I did not hear anybody going to the clerk and closing the deal.You know the alarms at the phone stands – they are on all the time, but … when are all these things bought, during the lunch break ? As Friday nights I spend 10-20 mins in the big shops and nobody buys. Its like the extraterrestrial life paradox: we should be able to see at least something! Where are they ?

And one more thing. Why do people buy the tables when is clear that in 3 months something new will come along ? Why pay now 500 euros on a phone when in some months you will get a dual core one!? Or a bigger screen one at the same price!

I use the smallest Android phone (Sony X10 mini) for emails / news, and the lightest Nokia (5310Xpress Ed.) for music play as nothing beats physical Next / Pref, Play / Pause buttons when listening to music.

And speaking of other phones, yeah, HTC Desire HD / Samsung I9000 look nice, but they don’t have HDMI nor you are able to connect Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, like Nokia’s N8, 12 Mp camera phone.
On the other side, N8 is like that the n-th time you try to hook back with your ex. There’s still the magic, the memories and heights of the former nights, just, just, just something stupid happens, fight starts, all mood is gone.

I wonder tomorrow how many new Android tablets will be announced. Will they fill all the gap between 5 to 11 inches, in 0.1 increments ?

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