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Personal cloud computing.

I believe that family/personal clouds will be the future, a personal cloud connecting all personal/family computers, hard disks, players, TVs, etc, not provided by big cloud providers, but on real hardware you own.

I know people are possessive and given the choice between having their own vs sharing with others, humans will always choose to have their own. This also applies to housings, but since it’s way more expensive (and thus not really a choice) to have their own lot somewhere, most people have no other option than to own a flat in a ‘cloud of flats’ (apartment) buildings.

Back to technology.

I already have a cheap Intel Core 2 Quad (4 cores) laptop and an Intel Core 2 Duo desktop (2 cores). Already 6 cores idling in Firefox or in javac … If I also add a small portable laptop (with an acceptable Celeron 723 CPU), that means 7 cores doing almost nothing. Why then choosing to run in the ‘cloud’, if technically, I already have the network on which I can at least make backup, run simulations, etc

Below are some pages in which I will describe various configurations of running simulations, commands, and maybe distributed file systems that I plan to investigate.

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