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compiling mpich2 for Android and running on two phones

I have managed to cross-compile mpich2-1.3.2 for ARMv5 platforms (almost all Android phones). To compile it you need to create an ARM-EABI toolchain using buildroot and then link it static against uclibc. I did not try to link it against… Continue Reading →

Linux utilities cross-compiled for Android phones / tablets

Below is a list of applications that I’ve cross-compiled for ARM platforms and tuned to run on Android phones. I decided to release them on XDA forums, since XDA gets more page views than my website 🙂 However, I’d like… Continue Reading →

Running mpich2 on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.4

Check list for a successful run of mpich2 programs between Windows and Linux. Version 1.3.2 causes bugs for me, I’ve successfully used version 1.2.1 Pass-phraseshave to be the same on the machines. mpich2 versions have to be the same. Even… Continue Reading →

Running mpich2 on Windows 7 and compiling with Netbeans IDE.

This page describes the steps I had to get mpich2 32bit running under Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and also (the more challenging) how to compile MPI code and execute it with mpiexec.exe. Various mailing list discussions on mpich2 recommend using… Continue Reading →

Compiling mpich2 on Ubuntu 10.4 with smpd

I’ve tried using openmpi initially to program in MPI, however, it turned out that it currently doesn’t support spawning the processes on both Windows and Linux at the same time. I’ve took the .exe that they provide, and even if… Continue Reading →

rsh between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10 using different user names.

Purpose A hurdle I’ve encountered is how to get rsh to work between Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. We’re starting with two limiting factors, which I learned the hard way: rsh-server coming with Ubuntu 10.04 uses a configuration… Continue Reading →

Personal cloud computing.

I believe that family/personal clouds will be the future, a personal cloud connecting all personal/family computers, hard disks, players, TVs, etc, not provided by big cloud providers, but on real hardware you own. I know people are possessive and given… Continue Reading →

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