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Miyota 2400-58 – mini CRT (3)


I found another Miyota 2400-58 picture tube inside (this time) a JVC GR-AX210EG camera. Since I have already found it in other JVC cameras, and given that this specific camera was working – I decided to not test it.


The camera came in a carry bag and was impeccable aesthetically. Except battery having leaked (and me having to scratch the terminals to be able to apply power), the preview / playback worked fine.

Battery leaked and was swollen but camera was sold with the power adapter, which made testing it a little easier:

Since I had the power adapter and there was already a tape inside, I decided to give it a try to see if the CRT works, and it did! There was also a tape inside with word ‘LEEG’ written on it. Google translates it to ‘Empty’, but the tape has footage of some renovations ongoing in a flat.

I have proceeded with dismantling the camera, which (according to the date code inside) was produced in Apr. 1997:

After struggling to take it apart, I have reached the Electronic View Finder connection cable, the flat ribbon style – which makes it rather tedious to test it, even after salvaging the on board connector:

It was however refreshing to see there were no bodges on the board of the camera:

Finally, I took apart the EVF unit – where I found the Miyota 2400-58 and the BA7149F driver IC.

I have not proceeded with the tests, but I did try to identify the VCC and GND signals going to the EVF Unit. If I call PIN 1 the bottom pin of the connector below, there is a direct connection from the metallic case of the Fly Back Transformer back to PIN 5. There are also few pins (which I assume VCC) on the FBT that have continuity to PIN 9, which should then be VCC:

PIN 5 is GND, PIN 9 is VCC (if PIN1 is the one towards the bottom of the image).

I have more JVC cameras to take apart, thus more Miyota CRTs to be salvaged 🙂

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