CRTs, Flea Markets

ELY05V584B – mini CRT (2)

I found this CRT in a second hand camera I picked up at a flea market. A JVC GR-AX470EG.

Although I hope each camera brings something new, this camera’s CRT and Electronic View Finder seemed identical to the JVC GR-AX11E I took apart a while ago.


Camera had the front hook for the hand strap broken and the battery leaked very badly:

Skeptical, I tried to power it up (without even cleaning the connector) and the EVF was alive 🙂

Taking apart the camera I found some very neat boards, including a date code made in Feb-1997:

As usual with newer models, the EVF unit is connected to the main circuit board using a flat cable. However, I was not able to locate a vertical connector to which I could solder without a microscope .. and the flat connector is very tiny to be soldered to.

Few more images with the CRT and the EVF unit itself:

I did not test this CRT except through the initial power up. The tiny connector made it impossible to hook the already small test clamps and soldering this small without a microscope is almost impossible. Since I did not want to solder directly on the EVF driver board, I decided not to test the CRT.

The driver board looks identical to the JVC GR-AX11E – thus, I didn’t feel like wasting time on trying to micro-solder without proper tools.

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