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Citizen 2400-41 – mini CRT


I found this mini CRT inside a JVC GR-323 that I got at a flea market.

Camera overview

Opening up this camera was faster than opening up other JVC cameras; I was also impressed by the amount of bodges I found inside :). More on this a little later.

Here’s how the camera was sold:

Upon powering up the camera for a quick test, the E 04 error was shown. In a way this is good, as it shows the CRT works well.

E 04 error on JVC GR-323 Camcorder

Some overview of the camera below. Decided to Eject but to leave the tray out as sometimes it may hide screws that help dismantle the camera. Not in this case though:

I was able to quickly reach the Electronic Viewfinder connector and it seems easy to take out and to work with – 7 normal wires (versus flat cables which are more annoying). However, I still needed to get to the board itself to be able to de-solder the plug – it makes it easier to hook up tiny clamps to provide signal to the EVF unit.

According to the stamps inside the plastic covers, the camera was made in Feb 1992 and the viewfinder one month before, in Jan 1992:

Below some of the bodges I spotted, so far, in 9 camcorders I have opened up, this one has by far the most bodges:

mini CRT

Moving onto the mini CRT:

Interestingly, the board uses AN2514s EVF Driving IC – however, many other cameras just rely on the BA7149F. I have encountered a similar driver IC here, albeit the AC2512s one.

The signal cables are these:

Ground is always connected to the FBT’s exterior metallic case. FBT is also connected to VCC – so the only pins (except GND) that make it to the input 7 wires connector are the VCC. I have identified the BROWN / BLACK cables as being Ground, the Red one as being VCC using a continuity meter. The Video IN then is just trial and error until an image appears, and for this camera, the Yellow input cable is Video.

The image is a little distorted, but still sharp at 8.1V input voltage (it is less sharp at the stated 8V):

Citizen 2400-41 – TV Pattern

The Manic Miner shoes some distortions and ghosting:

Citizen 2400-41 – Manic Miner

This camera also came with an RGB sensor, but I was not able to locate the service manual to see how I could make use of that in an Arduino project.

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