Cheapest Android 4.0 phone

Since I did not want to pay 500+ Euros just to have some manufacturing defective phone (there are issues reported with all new Android phones) I decided to give it a try and install an Android 4.0 ROM on a cheap Android phone.

Enter Samsung Galaxy Mini, for which I’ve payed 99 euros and spent 1 hour customising it:

S5570 Galaxy Mini Custom ICS ROM

S5570 Galaxy Mini Custom ICS ROM

It had firmware 2.2.1, and there are some steps to be followed to have ICS on it.
To be able to load a custom ROM, you need a custom rom manager / recovery menu to allow loading these roms. To have custom recovery menu, you need a custom 2.3 firmware (Gingerbread). Then you need to flash the recovery menu, then you need to use it to install the additional ROM, namely ICS.

Not a straight forward process, but at least now I can test my software on Android 4.0 with 99 euros, instead of 500+.

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