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Calibrating the pH probe using the mV output of the pH Circuit

Introduction I use 4 Atlas Scientific pH Circuits (v 5.0) with a Multi Circuit Carrier Board to monitor de pH in 4 of my aquariums. The Atlas Scientific pH Circuit can be calibrated following a simple procedure described in the… Continue Reading →

Keeping Sakura shrimp

I finally got the Sakura shrimp to reproduce. After a long battle (I could not understand why my Sakura shrimps kept dying) I finally saw the light. No matter what I have tried, they always died. Not “en masse” but… Continue Reading →

Light-bulb Aquarium

I named this aquarium Fundamentalis – Electric Aquarium. I did it just to ‘win’ a small ‘competition’ I had with another member on an aquarium website (http://acvariu.ro) but it ended up nice and thus I’ll describe it here. Specs: Volume:… Continue Reading →

Pseudomugil Furcatus Breeding.

I liked the fish the first time I saw them, and after three months in my aquarium, I was able to record them breeding! At around time 0m44s the egg appears on the right hand side of the video, and… Continue Reading →

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