Light-bulb Aquarium

I named this aquarium Fundamentalis – Electric Aquarium.

I did it just to ‘win’ a small ‘competition’ I had with another member on an aquarium website ( but it ended up nice and thus I’ll describe it here.

End result.


Volume: 90ml
Fertile substrate: Dennerle DeponitMix
Inert substrate: quartz
Decor: Mopani wood
Plants: Micranthemum Umbrosum
Light: indirect 18W
Ferts: EasyCarbo
Filtration: –
Heating: indirect

Below are some photos while creating it:



Adding fertile substrate:

Adding substrate


Mopani wood

Another angle:

Final product

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  1. Boon

    I think this is really neat! Cool idea. I wonder if the plants thrived, or in other words is it possible to keep an aquarium that small going?

  2. Comment by post author

    Hello and thank you for your comment,

    Plants did thrive, although, without a constant power source (I had to keep it close the the light of the other aquarium) – they are now overran by algae. I do weekly water changes – after I clean / fertilize one of the aquariums – I was the “new” water as a source. Using rigid airline tubing and a syringe – I extract all the water from the bulb and replace it with fertilized water taken from another aquarium.

  3. Pritham S

    Splendid..!! I had this idea in my mind from a very long time as its an efficient way reusing the fused bulbs. You can keep snails and shrimps considering space availabilty and would also last longer. Such a setup would make it more attractive and make the view more inquisitive to find the fauna in the bulb…. 🙂 thanks for the post, you inspired me to keep one too.

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