Pseudomugil Furcatus Breeding.

I liked the fish the first time I saw them, and after three months in my aquarium, I was able to record them breeding!

At around time 0m44s the egg appears on the right hand side of the video, and eventually lands into a bush of Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis. The female produces 1 egg per day, sometimes more.

The male is the yellow finned one.

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Aquarium: 30L, Light 30 W/L, pH 7.2, kH 14, gH 7, pressurized CO2 at 30ppm, Dennerle A1/E15/V30 as fertilizer.
Recording equipment: Canon 7D + Canon EF100 Macro Lens
Software: Handbrake (to convert the video to mkv format) then mkvmerge GUI to replace the soundtrack of the mkv video.

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