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Monoprice Select Mini V2 – Power Switch Replacement

Owning a Monoprice Select Mini V2 is a sure way of getting you on forums where people try to fix various problems with the printer. I had two major problems with the printer so far: Very loud fans after maybe… Continue Reading →

Sonotone – Network for Magnetic Input (DIY)

History A ceramic cartridges is constant-amplitude device and thus, if plugged into a high impedance amplifier which does not load it down, the result is very nice pleasing sound without a real need for a RIAA equalization (see for example… Continue Reading →

I.P.R.S Baneasa, Sirena Electronica Autosalvare (7802)

The first electronics kit I even put together was a an ambulance serene generator my mom got me after I insisted to get one. It was produced by I.P.R.S Baneasa, kit number 7802. I was so happy – it worked… Continue Reading →

WD Blue SSD 2T performance on Lenovo T460

After about 7 years, and 29105 Power_On_Hours, I decided to upgrade my ageing Samsung 840 Pro 127Gb hard disk. One of the reasons to switch brands to WD was that another Samsung hard disk that I have, the Samsung 860… Continue Reading →

Panasonic RF-3500 (GX500) low audio volume fix

A friend asked if I could have a look at his Panasonic RF-3500 radio, which, he explained, exhibited very low output volume. I agreed, both curious and reluctant, as I have never attempted to fix a radio before. Initial checks… Continue Reading →

Installing a thinner PI-Fan inside a Raspberry PI Case

What if the fan is too thin to be properly seated within a Raspberry PI Case ? Simple, use Aquarium 5mm tubing for DIY washers! Having ordered two RPI cases without fans and buying the fans separately, I discovered that… Continue Reading →

gdb: changing the code of a running program

Introduction I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ as my media center. Libreelec, Kodi and HDMI-CEC (using the remote of the TV to navigate through the content) are very nice, and I’m even planning to buy a DVD-T… Continue Reading →

OCR for Aqua Medic mV Controller 2001 C

The Aqua Medic mV Controller 2001C which provides no serial/USB connection to obtain the current measurements or the On/Off state of the pump. Why the need for OCR ? To help reducing the nitrates in my reef, I’m using an… Continue Reading →

KVM / qemu – high CPU load but low CPU usage

Been struggling for a while with high CPU load (0.40) but CPU usage was at best 10%. Setup Machine is an Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3, Fedora 26, running on a mdadm RAID 5 array. Including few virtual machines which at… Continue Reading →

fortune-mod cross-compiling for Android / ARM aarch64

This is mostly a log of the attempts to get fortune-mod to run on my Samsung S7 running LineageOS 14.1. After few hurdles, everything got built. Recode problems Trying to get recode to build (required by fortune-mod) I ended up… Continue Reading →

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