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The ruin …

I felt like painting today … Inspired by this photo: evening-at-the-old-ice-house-river-moy-co-sligo I hope you like it, I’m just a beginner …


Your imagination should do the work and find the cues … Post your feelings or your thoughts about it … The circle represents the skin. The galaxies represent the soul and the internal universe. The heart feeds the body. But… Continue Reading →

Sock left on the corner of the bed.

Another childish attempt at painting. I’m not taking any courses, I’m self teaching myself to paint 0:-) History of the painting: Girlfriend complaining about her room not being spotless. Me telling that I will tease her by painting a perfectly… Continue Reading →

Sunset over the ocean.

Today I felt like painting again. As I’m beginner, I’ve looked something easy to reproduce – gradients (I still need to learn to mix colors properly). The source image is taken from here: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1414/695463642_f359c200a2.jpg But I didn’t use edge detects,… Continue Reading →

Granada in Aquarelle

I’ve started to paint. Didn’t do it in the past … let’s say… 25 years! Here’s the first result: Hehe. But I cheated a bit 😀 a) Edge detect in GIMP. b) Print on A4. c) Put the A4 page… Continue Reading →

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