After upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, I’ve discovered that the volume buttons on my Tv Tuner remote failed to work (they were controlling the master volume).

Digging a bit more, it seemed that xsendkeycode program wasn’t present anymore on the system, and .lircrc weren’t actually doing anything:

After a little bit of digging, it seems that the lineakd package (providing xsendkeycode) is now missing, being replaced with the new liblineak-0.9-0, which, however, is also unavailable! Ah, the magic of Ubuntu.
As the old saying goes, if you are using Linux, it means you have time …

I bit the bullet and went to search for an older .deb file of the lineakd package, and after some fiddling around – I got my xsendkeycode working:

Now, the trouble is that xsendkeycode works, but eventually Ubuntu’s package management detects and inconsisntency and offers to remove the newly installed .deb file.

The solution was to eventually extract the .deb and use the xsendkeycode executable standalone:

Et voilà!