Finally, a week ago I was able to put everything together and fixed the shelves on the wall.

Cutting the back to fit the shape, nailing it onto the wood, etc, all went OK (but not perfect, as I did not realize that the space is so tight in some corners,; it was almost impossible to screw in the wall supports!). I guess it took about 2 hours to put all the wall supports in place on the violin shelf. Actually this is a very good lesson for future wood working projects: whenever a space is smaller than 15cm, make sure you fit supports before putting everything together, otherwise not even a small screwdriver can fit inside.

So after all was said and done, here’s the result:

There’s only one thing to do, covering some – if not all compartments with glass. I’ve been asked by the “glass cutting” company to come up with exact dimensions and, for glass that has 135 degrees angles, to come up with a mock up and they would cut it. But this is for another round …

Part 1:

Part 2: