But not because you don’t know but  because everything is a mess …

Where to begin ?

  1. Your “first” finger is actually your second finger.
  2. As you look at the chords, the first you see is considered the 6th. The last chord you see (the bottom one, 6th) is considered the first.
  3. The main string is the considered the G string. But music standard defines A4 as the reference note. Duh
  4. Logical paradox of the same note that is actually a different note! In fact the frequency doubles – but nobody tells you that.
  5. There are 5 lines on a musical staff, but the C major scale starts way below the first and finishes somewhere above the middle, where another scale starts which finishes way above the top line. Grrr.. Why did they not FIT the octave? One octave INSIDE the 5 lines !
  6. Ever heard of a hemi-demi-semi quaver ? Yeah!! And since a quaver = eighth-note, it follows that hemi-demi-semi quaver = hemi-demi-semi-eighth note! Semi Demi Yeepy Yey!

I can’t stop thinking what if musical notation would have been invented after the everybody familiarized themselves with mathematical simple notation ? And you didn’t have to rotate, translate, shift, mirror, flip, invert and contort, fingers + tabs + scales + octaves + strings ?

I want to play, I’m not a video board to do rotations and translations and shadows real time.