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Playing guitar is hard.

But not because you don’t know but  because everything is a mess … Where to begin ? Your “first” finger is actually your second finger. As you look at the chords, the first you see is considered the 6th. The… Continue Reading →

Dropped something inbetween the tube and the platform ?

Today I found out. Location Brussels, morning rush hour, exiting the metro to allow other people behind to descend. In the commotion, my bag dropped between the metro wagon and the platform… I waited it outside, and planned to jump… Continue Reading →

Do you think the future belongs to the ‘Cloud’ ?

I lost my trust in the ‘Network’ when my sites were wiped out in the VAServe LTD incident. Cloud to the rescue! But some how, the promise of redundancy and high availability of the ‘Cloud’ doesn’t do the trick for… Continue Reading →

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