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3D DIY Camera Rig (based on Sony DSC-W800)

As an alternative for my LG p720 3D phone, I decided to build a 3D camera rig using two Sony DSC-W800 cameras. Given that 3D cameras fell out of grace years ago, I wanted to test if I could build… Continue Reading →

GIMP 2.8 with ufraw 0.19.2-2 on Windows

I had difficulties getting GIMP 2.8 to play with ufraw 0.19.2-2 on Windows 7 64bit. Eventually I was able to put together a working setup and here are the steps: 1. Install GIMP / ufraw in their respective folders. 2…. Continue Reading →

Gimp Lensfun plugin on Windows 7 64bit

I managed to get the plugin to work on Windows 7 64 bit with Gimp 2.6.12 32 bit … Apparently, the Windows build (0.2.3) crashes Gimp 2.8.6 (64bit) as well as 2.6.12 (32bit) – you get an error when Gimp… Continue Reading →

Canon 7D AF Micro Adjustments – pixel peeping

Since my first post AF-MA ( found here ) I’ve refined the way I do tests for AF micro focus adjustments. For a macro lens (in this case – Canon EF 100mm USM) the minute differences between small AF Micro… Continue Reading →

Gimp with Resynthesizer plugin

Resynthesizer plugin for Gimp works similar to Adobe Photoshop content aware fill. It is not as easy to install which is a bit of a shame since it is great. This post details the installation steps I had to do… Continue Reading →

Canon 7D AF (autofocus) Micro Adjustments

I’m describing my method of  finding the specific “AF Micro Adjustments” value given camera + lens. You won’t need printer, tripods, LCD screens, other devices and auto-focus charts, you don’t need EOS Software installed or anything! Just MS Paint …. Continue Reading →

Sky at dawn…

Photo taken on a trip to Brussels, using Sony X10 Mini (5mp) phone camera.

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