After upgrading the BIOS of my Acer 3410 laptop, it started running hotter than usual, and more noisier …

Now I don’t know if this is specific to the newer BIOS, since the overly short description on Acer’s website doesn’t mention anything related to CPU speed / coolers, etc. It only says:

Improves battery charging performance.

And since I did not have any issue with its the battery, I was willing to try a downgrade.

The trouble ? The older 1.24 version did not want to cooperate:

The version of ROM file isn’t newer than version of BIOS.

Don’t know if all InsydeFlash BIOSes come with a platform.ini file, but the ZIP downloaded from Acer’s website included this file. I realized it is .ini file of the application and while looking through it I found the section below:


I just had to put the flag=0 and that’s it!
I was able to proceed with the downgrade.