Disabling newtab in Firefox

After updating to Firefox 13, I’ve just realized that whenever I open a new tab, I get a page with my most visited pages, instead of a blank tab as in the past.

When will they get the idea that if I want Chrome behavior, I switch to Chrome, is that easy!

After few minutes of fiddling around, the solution to disable this behavior and get rid of and the little button on the right top side is to:

1) type about:config in your address bar and Agree
2) search for browser.newtab.url and replace “about:newTab” with “about:blank”

browser.newtab.url about:blank

Mozilla still has not fixed double-clicking on the left top corner on Microsoft Windows
Ever since Windows 3.1, you can double click on the top left corner – System Menu corner to close any window. Why in the world would Firefox break this behavior ?

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