(please skip below the update, for more details about the application).

Java SMF Backup 1.4.0 is now available for download [2 Aug, 2011]


Change Log:

* Updated support for SMF 2.0 final (however, if you are still on 2.0 RC5, just select 2.0 – they both work the same related to backup)
* Removed support for previous release candidates of 2.0


The application will upgrade the configuration file automatically (so please copy it somewhere else before uninstall) and then copy it back after you install the new version.

Java SMF Backup 1.3.5 is now available for download [21 Mar, 2011]


Change Log:

* Added support for HTTPS.

In case the forum (website) is signed with a self signed certificate or with a certificate that Java Runtime Env / JDK does not trust, there will be an additional step to configure the certificate, as described here: http://blogs.sun.com/andreas/entry/no_more_unable_to_find

I’ve decided to keep the certificate management outside the application for now since:
1) I assume that if forum are HTTPS, somebody did pay for a trusted certificate (otherwise all users will get warnings, etc). Chances are that latest JVMs will trust these certificates too, so the additional step mentioned above might only be needed when testing (and using untrusted certificates).
2) there are many ways to do manage a keystore that includes a self-signed certificate (the simplest I found is above). Thus no need to complicate the application with an additional layer of checks (pass-phrase, keystore management, handling all new possible errors, etc).

Setup Java SMF Backup to backup forums served with self-signed (or untrusted) certificates (in pictures, Ubuntu 9).

Steps are indentical on Windows, just the paths look different.

  1. Read the article here: http://blogs.sun.com/andreas/entry/no_more_unable_to_find and download InstallCert.java locally.
    One thing to mention, if running with a JDK, you will indeed have to copy the generated jssecacerts file into the java.home/jre/lib/security folder. However, if you run with JRE, you have to copy to java.home/lib/security folder.
  2. Compile the file using
  3. Generate the jssecerts file by running:
  4. Start Java SMF Backup, go to “About” and check the location reported for java.home.

  5. Copy jssecacerts file into java.home/[jre/]lib/security folder.
  6. Restart Java SMF Backup and configure the forum with an URL like https://yourdomain/community/index.php

Java SMF Backup 1.3.4 is now available for download [14 Dec, 2009]


Change Log:
* Added support to modify “User-Agent” (used for specific authentication, etc).
* Improved logging.

Java SMF Backup 1.3.3 is now available for download [24 Nov, 2009]


Change Log:
* Added support for SMF 2.0 RC2

Java SMF Backup 1.3.2 is now available for download [31 Jul, 2009]


Change Log:
* Added ‘Startup’ option on the menu, ofering the ability to start the application minimized (ideea of SimmoAUS)
* Linux distribution is now available also.

Reminder: Source code is available here: http://javasmfbackup.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Java SMF Backup 1.3.1b is now available for download [25 May, 2009]


Change Log:

* Upgraded Jericho HTML parser library to version 3.0. Older version seems to cause intermitent problems (reported as network errors) while downloading the backups.

Java SMF Backup 1.3.0b is now available for download [13 Apr, 2009]


Change Log:

* Added support for SMF 2.0 Beta 1
* Sun JDK 1.6 is mandatory.
* Given up on JDesktop stuff as now it’s built into JDK (since 1.6)
* Added ‘Visit Homepage / Donate’ button in ‘About’ dialog.

I haven’t got a chance to test this on Microsoft Vista (or Windows 7), however, if you are using a normal used (not an admin), please install it in your local directory (as in Program Files – it can be installed as the installed is ran with admin rights, but afterwards the application fails to start because it cannot write to its own install directory).

I need to read more about UAC etc, try to move settings into ‘Application Data’ into the user’s home dir, but did not have the time to do it properly yet.

Hope it works. If you encounter issues, please use the forum (or if you already have an account on simplemachine’s forum, use this thread http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=115957 )

Update on SMF 2.0 RC1 and Windows 7 Beta:

Java SMF Backup is not able to run (yet) on Windows 7 Beta. Symptoms: it doesn’t start. After investigating the behavior, it seems that the program is not able to write the log file in its own directory.

Quick fix is: Go to Program Files, right click on JavaSMFBackup, select Properties, Security, and allow Full Access to Users. Then the application should start.

Also, discovered that 2.0 RC1 does not work (due to updates to session checks etc that are now active in 2.0 RC1).
I have to investigate this and will come up with a newer version supporting 2.0 RC1 too..

Java SMF Backup 1.2.1b is now available for download [17 Jul, 2008]:


Change Log:

* Fixed an java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file (I forgot to add target for JDK 1.5 in the ant script, and code was compiled for 1.6 by default. Now it works with JDK 1.5). Thanks SiL
* Fixed a NullPointerException happening on forums which have multiple FORM elements (happening when using certain themes). Thanks scalawaggirl
* Fixed an issue with cookies that do not have domain info specified. Thanks asudhakar
* Added debug line numbers in the compiled class, so further possible Exceptions would also show the line numbers. Thanks scalawaggirl

Java SMF Backup 1.2b is now available for download [30 May, 2008]:


svn repository: http://javasmfbackup.googlecode.com/svn/releases/v1.2b/

Change Log:

* Added support for SMF 2.0 Beta 3 / 3.1.
* Added download counter for each forum (to the bottom left of the main screen when backup is running).
* Compression can now be turned on/off for each forum.
* Face lift – Silk icons + draggable toolbar.
* Made the logs more user friendly.
* Improved exception logging in the log file
* Added Tips And Tricks dialog.
* Added Change Log dialog.

No release yet for Mac/Solaris – I don’t have available systems to test the application on. However, for anyone working with Java, running the files in the .zip above should be fairly simple on any system.

There are some bugs to fix – but these will not impact the normal running of the application:

1) If something goes wrong while doing a backup (i.e. network failure), the partial backup file is not deleted from the file system.
2) Updating the configuration of one of the defined forums while a backup file is downloading will interrupt the download.

If you have something to say about the program, please use the forum 🙂 [either Simplemachine’s thread, or my local forum].

Java SMF Backup 1.0.1

Having some issues with the hosting provider of one of my SMF forums, I decided to make an application which will make regular backups of (one or more) forum database.

As of Feb 1, 2007 the files below can also be downloaded from Simple’s Machine official Download page (Tools section). I offer support both on Simple Machine’s forum (but as that forum is HUGE an I can miss some messages), I will also offer support here. It is safer to PM me 🙂 instead. My username on SimpleMachines’s is viulian.

Support thread for the application is here: http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=115957


Windows Installer:JavaSMFBackup_installer.exe(version 1.0.1)

Linux: JavaSMFBackup_v101.zip

Solaris, Mac OS: JavaSMFBackup_v100.zip

Source Code:

SVN Repository: http://javasmfbackup.googlecode.com/svn/releases/


  • JDK (or JRE) 1.5 minimum. [application is using Generics].
  • At least one SMF forum you own (or have admin rights to it).
  • Knoledge on how to set up the PATH on your operating system.
  • Launch4j 2.1.5 (for Windows, Linux).

Application was tested on Windows XP using Sun’s JDK 1.5.0_07 and on RedHat 7.3 using Sun’s JDK 1.5.0_07. I also tested it on Knoppix 4.0.2 (live-cd installation on hard drive) with JDK 1.5.0 from Sun.
Once I find a Mac, I will test on that too. It should be no problem running version 1.0.0 – however version 1.0.1 uses JDic (for Windows system tray), and will fail on Mac OS. I need to update this in the near future.

SMF 1.0.8/1.0.9 and 1.1 RC3 were tested and working properly.

The tests however were taken only on my forums so far, and, for example, I haven’t changed most of the default settings on them (redirects, or search engine friendly URLs) and so on. Given the multitude of configurations out there, I cannot possibly test every one of them. So if there are bugs of it just doesn’t work for you, please contact me using the forum on this page – or the threads on the forums where I have posted the application (www.simplemachines.org or www.smf.ro).


  • You can make backup of several SMF forums, not just one.
  • Scheduled backups (starting at a given time and repeating at a given hourly interval – 1 hour minimum, 72 hours maximum)
  • Backup on demand too.
  • HTTP Proxy support (no Socks yet).
  • On Windows, application minimizes to system tray.


Main Window:

Manage Forums window:

Running the application:

You have to unpack the zip file somewhere on your drive and start the application by doubleclicking on the jar file (or from command line using the provided scripts).

Compiling the application.

For SMF Backup 1.0.1 there is a help file named COMPILE.txt in the application’s install directory. Hope you will find it helpfull.
For SMF Backup 1.0.0 the only solution is to download the source code from SVN and import the directory in NetBeans 5.0.


GPL v2


Code is provided free of charge, hence I cannot provide any warranty what so ever. Use the software at your own risk!

More information:

If you need to ask questions, please use the forum at http://www.hex.ro/forum and I will do my best to answer the topics on time.


Iulian Virtejanu, September 2006.