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PAS e-bike sensor – replacing broken magnet

All the troubles started once I asked a Local Bike Shop (LBS) to replace my Shimano Nexux 3 with the new Shimano Nexus 8. I assumed this will allow me to do a better tune to the battery life, by… Continue Reading →

Windows 8 – The Boot Configuration Data is missing some required information

I had to recover a Acer Aspire P3 tablet which, all of a sudden, it showed the message below:

Following few tutorials on the internet ended up as wasted time as any bcdedit commands returned: The requested system device… Continue Reading →

Finding the alsa recording device of the TV Tuner

From time to time, Ubuntu reorders the sound cards on my system, and I always have to find the recording device where the TV Tuner outputs the sound. This is to later use it in VLC on a line like:… Continue Reading →

GScript Android patch

I am using gscript from here: to run backup scripts and few issues bothered me: a) the output was cut to a very small length, thus, it didn’t fill the whole screen while executing. b) I wanted to have… Continue Reading →

Sony AS100V Camera Review – Some issues that annoy me.

I’ve decided to go for Sony instead of GoPro Hero 3 to record my daily comute on the bicycle. A friend lent me his GP3 along with a very strong clamp for the handlebars – results: the GoPro video was… Continue Reading →

pH Electrode mV output using an Atlas Scientific pH Circuit

Introduction Atlas Scientific makes a nice pH circuit that is very simple to setup and communicate with via serial. Part of my Aquarium Monitoring project, I decided to employ 4 pH Circuits (v5.0) to retrieve the pH in all my… Continue Reading →

Removing gapps from Cyanogenmod 11

I have installed gapps to have access to Google Maps, but when I decided I don’t need them anymore, surprise – there’s no easy way to uninstall. Most online forums recommend a clean reinstall of cyanogenmod (which might be correct),… Continue Reading →

pcDuino3 – difference between booting from NAND vs. sdcard

pcDuino3 boots Ubuntu from the internal NAND. This is very slow, since a harmless

took about 53 seconds to finish.

However, having it booting from the sdcard brings the autoremove operation down to about 3 seconds. Yey!

Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 – Remote Desktop with TightVNC Viewer from Windows 7

As a new comer to Fedora 20 after years on Ubuntu, I had a hard time enabling remote desktop connection (VNC). The solution is below: 1) Settings -> System -> Sharing – enable Sharing then for Screen Sharing enable it… Continue Reading →

Samsung SSD 840 Pro tested under Lubuntu 13.10

Since my Corsair V64GB2 just got fried last night, (7 to 8 months after the warranty expired) I have decided to replace it with a SSD hard disk that has 5 years Limited Warranty, as opposed to 2 or 3… Continue Reading →

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