If I try to connect the Nokia N8 to a Windows XP PC, I do get is a E: drive letter; but both the phone memory as well as the SD Card memory contents appear mingled (for example two Images folders, etc).

To solve it, I needed to install Nokia OVI Suite. Now N8 appears as “Portable Media Player” and I am able to see the phone’s contents properly appearing in an ‘Explorer’ look-a-like window; I believe is not an real Explorer window since Irfan View or other file viewers can’t navigate to the next image.
Double clicking on a file in that Nokia Explorer window, the path of what is opened in Irfan View is a temporary path (which makes me believe that file is first copied into the TEMP folder and then opened).
Copy/paste is the only thing that works to copy ALL things from that Nokia Explorer window to a standard Windows folder, where then I can navigate properly with an image viewer.

Why I am forced to copy the files manually to a temporary folder and a 30Mb softwarre ?

Conclusion: If I would be a Big manager in Nokia, I would quit forcing Nokia OVI Suite on people, because if people want an phone forcing you to interact with its PC companion – they already have a range of products doing that, available from Apple.