I swiched to Ubuntu on the backup PC that I used because “rsync” was native and I needed it to backup the web sites … Plus, Windows had to be restarted each night due to issues with Wireless which would not reconnect once the link was lost.

Guess what, it happens the same in Ubuntu!

Once it gets into “not enough space”, that’s it. It will not reconnect (or it might take an indefinite amout of time, like from 18 hours up to two days or something).

Solution, use crontab -e to:

Since I’m using it to connect remotely, without wireless is as good as NULL.

I know that I should probably just do an

but is no better than a Windows reboot.

I have to babysit the Ubuntu or not ? Yes, I do have to babysit it. So it’s no better.

Not to mention pulseaudio which behaves like crazy with 5+1 and a 6 years old SoundBlaster Live 5+1 board.
On Windows at least I had to reboot it, it did not force me to downgrade the audio system to 2+1.

It’s free, but next time I will install probably a different distribution.