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cannot find the slot – why am I still using Ubuntu ?

I probably use it since I have no time to upgrade it to a more sane distribution. Do you remember the days of IRQ conflicts when a random ISA board could break the functionality of an unrelated one just because… Continue Reading →

tvtime / lircrc – how to configure the remote control of the tv tuner.

This post tries to summarise how to configure the tv tuner’s remote control to be used with tv time on Ubuntu 11.04. My TV Tuner is an AverMedia AVerTV Studio 507 (m507) board just like this one. The difficulty to… Continue Reading →

Removing Ubuntu 11.04 Crapware

I am running Ubuntu for the past 3 years, both as hosting environment as well as home … I want to keep a list of useless things in Ubuntu, as I see them being pushed upon the users creating more… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.04 Network Manager and Belkin driver.

After compiling the driver for my Belkin addapter:

I noticed that even if ra0 interface was present, I had to manually

to get it to connect, as the Network Manager applet in Ubuntu 11.04 failed to manage it… Continue Reading →

Lexmark x2650 fix for Ubuntu 11.04

Workaround for Lexmark x2650 not working in Ubuntu:

Without it, AppArmor will stop the third party cupsd driver (lxm08) to work properly: Excerpt from /var/log/syslog :

I don’t really like where Ubuntu is heading. The most stable version… Continue Reading →

Compiling mpich2 on Ubuntu 10.4 with smpd

I’ve tried using openmpi initially to program in MPI, however, it turned out that it currently doesn’t support spawning the processes on both Windows and Linux at the same time. I’ve took the .exe that they provide, and even if… Continue Reading →

rsh between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10 using different user names.

Purpose A hurdle I’ve encountered is how to get rsh to work between Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. We’re starting with two limiting factors, which I learned the hard way: rsh-server coming with Ubuntu 10.04 uses a configuration… Continue Reading →

Do you keep phpmyadmin in doc root ?

Here’s a gem I found in my web server logs:

To end up with a list like this, I usually invoke a small PERL script: (it is more flexible to have it as a script that of one liner):… Continue Reading →

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