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GScript Android patch

I am using gscript from here: to run backup scripts and few issues bothered me: a) the output was cut to a very small length, thus, it didn’t fill the whole screen while executing. b) I wanted to have… Continue Reading →

pH Electrode mV output using an Atlas Scientific pH Circuit

Introduction Atlas Scientific makes a nice pH circuit that is very simple to setup and communicate with via serial. Part of my Aquarium Monitoring project, I decided to employ 4 pH Circuits (v5.0) to retrieve the pH in all my… Continue Reading →

Removing gapps from Cyanogenmod 11

I have installed gapps to have access to Google Maps, but when I decided I don’t need them anymore, surprise – there’s no easy way to uninstall. Most online forums recommend a clean reinstall of cyanogenmod (which might be correct),… Continue Reading →

pcDuino3 – difference between booting from NAND vs. sdcard

pcDuino3 boots Ubuntu from the internal NAND. This is very slow, since a harmless

took about 53 seconds to finish.

However, having it booting from the sdcard brings the autoremove operation down to about 3 seconds. Yey!

Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 – Remote Desktop with TightVNC Viewer from Windows 7

As a new comer to Fedora 20 after years on Ubuntu, I had a hard time enabling remote desktop connection (VNC). The solution is below: 1) Settings -> System -> Sharing – enable Sharing then for Screen Sharing enable it… Continue Reading →

Samsung SSD 840 Pro tested under Lubuntu 13.10

Since my Corsair V64GB2 just got fried last night, (7 to 8 months after the warranty expired) I have decided to replace it with a SSD hard disk that has 5 years Limited Warranty, as opposed to 2 or 3… Continue Reading →

xtreemfs client cross-compiled for Android phones

It took a while, but I have finally managed to cross-compile XTreemFS client for Android! First, there are two posts that I’ve tried posting on the XtreemFS group, but I think they were marked as spam and deleted automatically by… Continue Reading →

Acer 8930g laptop – fan area cleanup

Two weeks ago, after I finished programming (do you ever finish programming ?) I decided to take care of some other chores around the house. After a while, I noticed that the laptop’s fan was still blasting even if the… Continue Reading →

compiling buildroot on Ubuntu with VirtualBox

Machine configuration: Q9000 CPU (quad-core, 2Ghz each core), 6Gb RAM Virtual Box configuration: 4CPUs assigned, 2Gb RAM, VT-x and Nested Paging enabled. $ time make …few moments later… real 886m32.317s user 802m0.227s sys 1790m41.039s

SMF – Google only indexes the imode, wap and wap2 pages

I was having a problem with my SMF forum because Google failed to index ANY HTML web site even if the sitemap was correctly generated and submitted. The Google index only contained the ?imode, ?wap and ?wap2 links, but NO… Continue Reading →

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