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Android (and ARM platform) posts.

nginx on Android!

I have finally got nginx statically compiled for ARMv5 platforms (version 0.7.69). It was difficult because linking with libz statically posed some issues and also because it needs large file system support which my toolchain did not have. One observation:… Continue Reading →

mysql running on Android

Another sneak preview – mysql 5.1 running on Android phone:

Compile native directly on Android phone

This is just a small sneak preview – but it will take a bit to release the whole thing. I have managed to cross-compile gcc-4.3.5 (and dependencies) for ARM platforms – which allow to directly compile C code on the… Continue Reading →

Cheapest Android 4.0 phone

Since I did not want to pay 500+ Euros just to have some manufacturing defective phone (there are issues reported with all new Android phones) I decided to give it a try and install an Android 4.0 ROM on a… Continue Reading →

shellinabox for Android

Introduction After fighting with many bugs to get everything to run, I finally got shellinabox to run on my Android phone! Steps I will probably post an updated article related on the exact steps on how to build (or just… Continue Reading →

PHP and Lighttpd for Android

Update 7 May 2012: New version released, containing PHP 5.4.2 version (CGI only). It now contains openssl / curl / SQLite modules statically linked within php-cgi executable and thus curlssl works! Beside the version number, all installation instructions below still… Continue Reading →

Running native CGI scripts (perl) with micro-httpd on Android

Introduction This article describes the software needed so you can have your native web server running CGI scripts on Android. When I mean native, I mean not an .apk file (Java), but a cross compiled version of a C web… Continue Reading →

Compile an Android kernel module outside the kernel source tree.

I’ve decided to make a short tutorial and present the way I compile kernel modules (outside the kernel sources). I’ve built few kernel modules (mainly governors – ineractive and smartass, but also cifs / nls-utf8, etc) and I started receiving… Continue Reading →

Android native web / httpd server with directory indexer.

Introduction Having a fully fledged natively built web server on Android is not possible because of issues with fork() and pthread inherent to the slim libc implementation from Google, that is bionic. For more details about these Android’s limitations please… Continue Reading →

Various native Android error messages

I’ve decided to keep a blog post containing various error messages encountered during Android debugging / playing … These errors were encountered via deep trips in Android source both native and java source code, while trying to get zygote to… Continue Reading →

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