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Sky at dawn…

Photo taken on a trip to Brussels, using Sony X10 Mini (5mp) phone camera.

Sock left on the corner of the bed.

Another childish attempt at painting. I’m not taking any courses, I’m self teaching myself to paint 0:-) History of the painting: Girlfriend complaining about her room not being spotless. Me telling that I will tease her by painting a perfectly… Continue Reading →

Violin shaped plywood shelf – part 3

Finally, a week ago I was able to put everything together and fixed the shelves on the wall. Cutting the back to fit the shape, nailing it onto the wood, etc, all went OK (but not perfect, as I did… Continue Reading →

Violin shaped plywood shelf – part 2

Hey, I’m back from another shop – just got the plywood cut properly!! Here’s a sneak preview 😀 Looks almost perfect! Now the fun stops … and work has to begin. Connecting everything together, finish up here and there. And… Continue Reading →

Violin shaped plywood shelf

I’m describing a ongoing wood working project that I’m fond of. Here’s how the whole thing started. I have the AC unit mounted in the middle of the wall – and the tubes that run out of it have a… Continue Reading →

Sunset over the ocean.

Today I felt like painting again. As I’m beginner, I’ve looked something easy to reproduce – gradients (I still need to learn to mix colors properly). The source image is taken from here: But I didn’t use edge detects,… Continue Reading →

Granada in Aquarelle

I’ve started to paint. Didn’t do it in the past … let’s say… 25 years! Here’s the first result: Hehe. But I cheated a bit 😀 a) Edge detect in GIMP. b) Print on A4. c) Put the A4 page… Continue Reading →

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