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attiny85 DIY Programmer

I needed to program few attiny85 chips and decided to use the Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro as serial programmers. So I came up with a mini shield that I could mount on either of the two and uses the… Continue Reading →

Arduino Micro as ISP (flashing the bootloader of an Arduino Leonardo)

Arduino Leonardo refused to accept a new sketch once a very large one was uploaded (code / memory). The board would hang just after the upload started (and power cycling it did not fix the problem). Since I found no… Continue Reading →

GIMP 2.8 with ufraw 0.19.2-2 on Windows

I had difficulties getting GIMP 2.8 to play with ufraw 0.19.2-2 on Windows 7 64bit. Eventually I was able to put together a working setup and here are the steps: 1. Install GIMP / ufraw in their respective folders. 2…. Continue Reading →

droidsshd / dropbear 0.52 on Cyanogenmod 13.0

Introduction Since upgrading my LG G2 phone to LG G4 and running Cyanogenmod 13 on it, I found that DroidSSHd application was not usable anymore. This blog post is more or less a recollection of the steps to get it… Continue Reading →

Calibrating the pH probe using the mV output of the pH Circuit

Introduction I use 4 Atlas Scientific pH Circuits (v 5.0) with a Multi Circuit Carrier Board to monitor de pH in 4 of my aquariums. The Atlas Scientific pH Circuit can be calibrated following a simple procedure described in the… Continue Reading →

Mirror folder to external USB disk

Let’s say that there’s a Folder A that you update regularly and you want it from time to time to copy the changes to an external USB hard disk. This is the command I use:

The rsync manual is:… Continue Reading →

Moving Linux to a smaller hard disk

When building my NAS I’ve picked a spare laptop hdd (spinny type) for the OS to boot from, but I’ve reached to a point where I wanted my NAS os to boot from a SDD. Copy data Since a stock… Continue Reading →

openssh-5.8p2 patch for Android (getpwuid replacement / placeholder)

I wanted to use rsync / ssh combination to do a backup of a phone that I don’t want to root. There were few problems: a) the rsync4android failed with an error that said: ‘ssh: exiting: string is too long’:… Continue Reading →

GScript / LLama and “Unmarshalling unknown type code 7077998 at offset 12”

I am using a combination of LLama and GScript so I can trigger a rsync backup whenever my phone connects to the home Wi-Fi. However, after a recent restore, GScript started crashing (whenever invoked from LLama) and the error message… Continue Reading →

VLC 3.X / Ubuntu 14.04 / saa7134 saga …

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS again messed up my tvtuner / VLC setup. After few recent updates, nothing worked anymore and the logs were useless. After rebuilding various VLC versions, activating debug logging (and assertions) and pouring through the logs, I was… Continue Reading →

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